Private Tuition

Having a private tutor is a really effective way to learn. We can cover a large amount of work in a lot more detail and in a way that’s specifically tailored to you.

It’s best if you can be very focused on what you want to achieve by the end of each session. That might be a specific topic, or it could be working through a whole host of questions that you have prepared before our meeting. The more focused you are on the outcome of what you want to achieve from the session the more benefit you will get from it.

If you are studying for an exam then it’s often good for us to work through exam based questions together, especially if you are struggling with learning an effective technique to answering questions. If you are working towards producing an assignment then it might be that you want to focus on some technical aspect in order to understand how you can explain it.

Private tuition is different to classroom tuition in that I don’t present a lesson to you. You will achieve a lot more from the session if you think about and prepare a list of what you need to learn.