Clare is an amazing tutor! With Clare's help I was able to achieve very high marks in my Accounting course. She explained to me the Accounting and Financial  terminology very well and helped me understand Accounting in depth. I would strongly recommend Clare as a tutor as she is extremely knowledgeable! Clare is very patient, friendly and always willing to help!   Mari

I would highly recommend Clare’s natural and common sense teaching style.  Clare enabled me to translate the often difficult terminology of financial terms into something I could understand.  This has enabled me to carry out my role more efficiently and given me the ability to make better business decisions. Dave Bird, Cmgr MCMI, Spirax Sarco Ltd

Clare is an excellent tutor, always willing to help and explain things in a way that many other tutors are not able to do so.  She has the patience of a saint! Pam

Clare’s commitment to making sure we had everything we needed to go into the AAT exams confidently is second to none.  Clare made AAT easy to understand and taught in terms that were easy to grasp.  Clare’s method of motivation ensured that I completed my AAT project with plenty of time to spare, rather than doing my usual last minute rush-job. Marie Millar, Cambridge

I had the pleasure of being tutored by Clare for 2 years whilst studying AAT Level 4. She was extremely knowledgeable about her subject, always thoroughly prepared for each lesson with handouts and working examples of how to explain procedures in the most logical manner, all demonstrated with an equable temperament, a smile and a charming personality. I would certainly recommend Clare to anyone wishing to study AAT. David Morley, Cambridge Assessment

Clare was my AAT tutor at Level 4.  I found every lesson to be extremely well planned and laid out in such a way as to make the information being taught so much easier to take in and digest than I expected.  I was also able to bring real life situations from my job to the classroom and work them into my learning which for me was an incredible help.  Support out of lessons was also very good with Clare willing to answer all my questions, however simple they may have been.  She also made learning fun.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Clare to anyone be they just starting out to learn accounting or needing training at a more advanced level. Simon Queen, Cambridge

Clare was a great tutor, she gave great support throughout my final year of AAT. She taught in a very clear and understanding manner and was always on hand to answer any questions. She was always happy to invest the time to ensure I had a full understanding of the subject. It was never too much trouble. Lisa Hircock

Clare was a brilliant teacher whom explained calculations and assessment requirements very thoroughly.  She was very approachable and offered advice and guidance on how to further improve my skills.  She made learning fun.  I would not hesitate to recommend her. Cheryl, Peterborough